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Dynamically change Pallet waypoints for a square pattern


I am looking to be able to dynamically change the pallet waypoints for a square pattern.

I am currently running a program that ends by having the finished assembly place into a cell pack. When the operator is placing the empty cells there is some room for error. The cells are sometimes not in the correct position and thus the parts fall or get stuck.

I am already using a Pickit system to pick parts for assembly and was wondering if at the beginning of the program I can use the camera to find the four corners of the box/cells and the write that position to the pallet program for the four corner waypoints. I can not seem to figure out how to change these positions else where in the program.

Is this something I would need a custom Cap to do or maybe I am just missing something.

Below is a link to a video of the full program running.

Thank you,

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Hello @dsanford,

You can accomplish this through your own URCap implementation if you wish. You can make a palletizing routine that would treat the corners of the pallet as variable position that you can then overwrite those values from the camera offsets.

As it stands know the positions of the palletizing wizards can’t easily be changed. You can update the global positions using script as shown here:


Original script variable generated through the wizard:

In this case you can have your original corner data overridden by new calculated points whenever the camera captures an image. I just did a quick test to verify the corner was overridden successful. I’m not sure if this method would work 100% though.

There are also a couple of palletizing articles on our support page that go over alternative palletizing solutions. This one for example, goes over scripting your own palletizing routine for different orientation pallets. You may be able to use this as a guide if you want to script your own routine that uses the variable camera data to orient the pallet.


This did the trick.

Thank you!


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Did you try the new Palletizing routine on 5.3?
This allows for usage of features, and may do the job.

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