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5.3 palletizing missing "edit pose" when defining corners

Using the new 5.3 palletizing feature. The ability to “edit pose” after a corner has been set is missing. We commonly used this when squaring up a pallet corner to an already defined plane.

Hello @brennan.porter,

It is my understanding that the button was intentionally left off, you can still modify the point as you would in edit pose, by clicking set waypoint and selecting the TCP values to manually enter. This will bring you to the edit pose screen you were use to using.


In your example in order to save the position the robot must first move to that position. With the old way you could set all the corners then go back and select each one and edit them without having to move to the position. So yes the example you gave works but it was nice to be able to set all the points then just square them up after. Do you know why the button was intentionally left off?