How to create pattern not using Palletizing?

Is it feasible? I want the locations data and I want to command the robot go to those locations by PLC.

you try to just add offsets to a base position.

MoveJ Waypoint 1             **{starting point}**
var_1:get_actual_tcp_pose()      **{Assignment}**
loop 8 times
loop 5 times                 **{ Loops As needed }**
    MoveJ Var_1
    Var_1[1]=var_1[1]+.02    **{ Script element:  [1] Y Offset, .02 meters}**
var_1[0]=var_1[0]+.05        **{ [0] X offset, .05meters}**
var_1[1]=var_1[1]-(.02*5)    **{Remove Y offset * loop}**