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Pallet Using Variables

What I would like to do is to essentially emulate the pallet feature inside a program without having to actually go in and edit the program itself. We have a variety of different pallets that we use to stage blanks for machine tending. We change the trays fairly regularly and it involves going into the program and manually making changes to the pallet feature. What I would like to do is create a sub program that could run at the beginning of the main program that would guide the operator through teaching the new corner waypoints and set the row and column counts using variables. I already have a program to teach the corners and set the rows and columns but I don’t see an easy way to update the pallet features. If there isn’t an easy way to do it I will just make my own pallet script but just wanted to check before making something from scratch.


  • Corners (Corner1, Corner2, Corner3, Corner4)
  • Rows (Corner1 to Corner 2)
  • Columns (Corner 2 to Corner 3)

The Approach and Exit waypoints always stay the same (Z+100mm from the reference point).


You might want to consider one of the UR+ partners palletizing software. There are a few to choose from: