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Developping a UI

Hi guys,
Do you know if it is possible to change the design of the user interface of the teach pendant on an UR or if i can create an other one on the computer and use it as a teach for the robot? If so, can you tell how can i do it and which elements will i nedd?
I didn’t find many things about how to make change on the teachpendant interface of the robot.
thank you,

Im afraid that loading a completely custom OS on a universal robot is not really possible, and almost certainly not supported, polyscope and its control are pretty flexible though, and whilst loading a custom OS isn’t supported, you can create plugins, named URCaps, to extend the functionality of a UR. You’ll find more information about what these URCaps can offer on the UR+ site. These plugins can be very simple or very powerful, it is entirely up to the coder.

You can also control the robot and load programs from a PLC interface, even load a VNC server onto the robot to give you remot control of polyscope from anywhere else on the network. There are a coupel of other remote control options, though I am less familiar with them, I hope this is useful nevertheless.

Hi there,

Unfortunately it is not possible to modify the GUI of Polyscope directly like you can for typical industrial HMIs. IF you wanted to create your own HMI on a PC and connect to the robot this is theoretically possible but the learning curve would be steep and the time investment quite large.