Sending Program Code Between Robot and PC

Hi there,

I’m new to Universal Robots and only started getting my feet wet.
Is there a way to send existing program code from the Teach Pendant to a regular PC and vice versa? Our robot is out on the manufacturing floor and it would be much easier to read & edit program code at my desk on a PC.

Thanks in advance.

You could save the .urp and .installation file on a flash drive. If you want to work with the program through the Universal Robot UI, Polyscope, you should download the offline simulator. You will need to run the offline simulator on a a virtual machine. If your flash communicating with the VM you should be able to open it from the simulation and work with it as if it were on a teach pendant

Here is the link to where you can download the latest version of the offline simulator:

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There’s probably some other more sophisticated methods, but if you can connect to the robot via ethernet, then using a VNC is really easy and fast to setup.

Here’s a link to the magic file. Just follow the readme, but essentially you just put the file on a flashdrive and put it into the controller. Then reboot the robot.

Then download a VNC viewer. (I use this one: Download VNC Viewer | VNC® Connect) Type in the IP address of the robot into the VNC viewer and you can control the robot live from your computer.

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