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Dashboard Server skip auto popup to confirm robot position

i’m trying to start a script fully remotely over tcp/ip.
I’ve been told that i can use the dashboard server to achieve this. however when i load and play a script i have to move the robot into the starting position by pressing the “auto” button on the teach pendant screen. Is there a way of activating this button through the Dashboard server so i can start the program without having to use the teach pendant ?
Thank you

Starting a robot program via the dashboard server behaves the same as pressing the play button.

But you can change your program, so that it does not request the robot to be in the start position.

For this you just have your first movement in the program not to be a fixed waypoint, e.g. a relative movement (can be 0mm).
But keep in mind, that you now have to care about the first (real) movement (may lead to a crash or a dangerous movement). It is best to check the robots’s actual position and decide how to move safely to the starting position.


This is great idea. Do you know how the robot recognizes fixed movement?
Is it simply recognized by Polyscope by the type of program node in urp program?

EDIT: However, there is another thing that comes to my mind. Sometimes after cold start, Polyscope is asking to confirm, that the real robot’s pose is the same as in the picture. Could something about this be done, when you can’t touch the panel?