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Create a robot image file (.img) - copy important files

I need to create a new image, because of problem with my usb-stick.
We already have a backup of the root directory…

I’ve downloaded an image file with the latest software (3.7), from the UR site…
I found a PDF on the web “Replacing Flashcard (UR5 and UR10) or USB (UR3) in CB3 robots”, that described some part, but I suspect it was out of date.

So, which files have to be copied to the new installation (from the old one 3.4X)?

  • We have a CB3.1 UR5 robot…

Of course the serial number: (ur-serial)
In the directory “/root/.urcontrol/”


As I understand it, it’s supposed to be all files in the .urcontrol folder, no?

6.Copy all backed up files from /root/.urcontrol/ folder to same folder on remote site (controller)
This includes:
… and more!

Why do you think it was out of date? It shouldn’t have changed I assume?
Otherwise, I guess to be certain you can download the same image version as you had (3.4X) and then update it to 3.7 the regular way?

Thanks for your reply!

Why I believe it’s out of date?
Because one of the file, that the PDF refers to is “calibration.info”. This is file does not exists in the system.

So I would like to know which files is important for the system to work as it did, but with another software.

Well, I still think that it could be relevant, the files in mention are just an example, and the example itself might be out of date. Even tho the newer software has other files in that folder, I still believe all the files in that was in that folder could be necessary for that specific version.

If I would do it, I would first try with the image of the same software version as you previously had (3.4X), then copying all the files in the .urcontrol folder and test it, then just upgrade, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7. It might take longer, but at least you can test it in each step, all the way.

But I don’t know, maybe those files haven’t been changed in all of those versions, but maybe they have.
Ofc it would be better to ask UR Technical Support or your distributor who is in charge of your service and maintenance to be certain if they don’t answer here. :slight_smile: