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[UR10e] Robot failed update 5.3 -> 5.4

Hi everyone!

I was just updating an UR10e from version 5.3.1 to 5.4.2 (as stated in the 5.4.0 download page) and got the following error:

After the reboot the pendant screen stays black although I am able to ssh to the robot. Any ideas on how to solve this from terminal?

when you’re still able to ssh i would suggest saving the configuration and copy a fresh 5.4.3 Image to the Robot SD Card as a workaround.
See here: Replacing Flashcard in CB3 robots.pdf (315.7 KB)
(path for e-series and relevant files are the same)

Thanks a lot for your prompt response!

I will definitely try it. Just one more question, is it safe to jump to 5.4.3 directly when the robot was at 5.3.1 when it failed?


Below are the steps that I followed to solve my problem.

  1. I created a backup as described in the 5.3 Backup of data section of the official Service manual v1.0.3.
  2. I created a fresh image for the 5.4.3 version as described in the Install new image on storage device CB2, CB3 and e-Series document, link here.