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Override local control mode?

Hello everyone,

I am working on a school project, in which I control an e-series robot with a PlayStation controller.
So far it works like a charm.

The next challenge I face is: Is it possible to override the local control setting?
When I establish a connection to the robot in order to control it, the robot has to be in remote control mode.
I would like to somehow override this “local control” setting, and have the robot execute the received commands regardless.

From my research it would appear, that only a localhost socket would make this possible.
It should be noted, that I would like to avoid URCaps or anything that has to be installed/setup on the actual robot controller.

I am aware of the liability in regards to safety and so forth, but as mentioned, this is a school project and not a commercial one.
The project is currently only targeted towards e-series UR’s.

Any inputs or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Best regards :mechanical_arm: