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Configure "high on unscheduled" stop for digital output


Option to configure high on unscheduled stop for digital output.

What is it?

I would like the option of having a “high on unscheduled stop” to be able to send a signal to peripheral equipment and alert an operator that an unexpected stop has occured.

Why is it needed?

On a recent installation, we had wired the robot to a beacon sounder which was used to alert an operator upon various conditions during the program. We also wanted to sound the alarm in the event of a robot collision/prtective stop, and naturally looked to configure output for the alarm to be set to “high on unscheduled stop” but were frustrated to find that this is not an option, meaning that we would need to wire a relay to the output to invert the signal to acheive the functionality we desired. which feels like an unneccesary workaround for something that could and should be implemented into polyscope.

On a related note, I’m sure there would be people that wuild benefit from a “Low when running high when stopped” output, though it wasnt required for my specific use case.