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Controlling I/O under Safety Stop


I’m intereseted, if is there any way to control the I/O (Such as Digital OUT and Digital IN ) of the robot by URCap under Safety Stop, or Protective Stop, or any kind of stop? I Need to Activate and Control an Output under any Stop by an URCap. Can anyone help me?

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I would think that you could have a daemon running on the robot that is monitoring the state of the robot, that state is available over RTDE. You could then when a certain state is entered set an output using RTDE, you would have to mask the output so that the server can control it. You could then unmask it when the program resumes playing or leaves that state so that the robot or operator could then control that output if needed. We do similar things from the PLC’s we use with some of the robots as well as from our external server that is attached to all of our robots.

Thank you for your answer! As i see, in this case you wrote, i need to have some external controller, such as a PC or PLC or something. Or i misunderstood something? Is it possible, to do this RTDE thing only with the use of teach pendant, pendrive, and the robot with its controller(Of course before this, i write the code in my PC, in the SDK, and after place that URCap into the pendrive)? Is it possible, to write an URCap, that Will run on the background, in the case of some emergency, or stop, it Will continously do what i wrote into the program? Such as blinking an Output? I’am sorry, if i’m a hard case, but i am new into this developing.

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@vitalis.balazs I can say I am not a URCap developer but I do know its possible to create a daemon service that runs on the robot in the background and can access RTDE, you can then use this information to do other things with the information.

You can find more information on RTDE here

Thank you, for your help!

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