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Safeguard Stopped as Electrical Output

It would be nice to have the option of outputting if the robot is Safeguard Stopped through the configurable safety outputs - just like it is possible for Emg. Stop.
I need this feature to bring other HW to act accordingly and wait for the robot to be back from its safety stop.

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You can use the Robot not Stopping Output It will go high when the robot is Safeguard Stopped or E-stopped

Thank you for your reply.
I am aware of the signals existence, it is just not exactly what I am searching for.

From the documentation: “When the robot arm has been requested to stop, some
time will pass from the request until the arm stops. During this time the signal
will be high.”
So it will only be high when requested to stop, and not stopped and most importantly it should also go high if I use the stop commands in the script - which is undesirable.

Furthermore “… when the robot arm is in a stopped position, the signal will be low” so the system can be reset without the safe stop being resolved - which is also not optimal for my use.

Hope you can see why I would like this feature.
It’s quite relevant in many applications where there is more hardware to the system than just that one robot.

Oh, I see the description in the user manual is inconsistent. The description in section 2.5.2 is correct
high signal when the robot is stopped or in the process of stopping due to an emergency stop or safeguard stop. Otherwise it will be logic low.
The signal is not affected by what the user does in the program. For that you can use the Robot Moving output, which is active when the robot is standing still.

Ohh… that’s nice to know.
In that case it becomes a lot more useful!

I can use that for the time being, thank you!

I created a topic on the inconsistencies here.

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hi again,
I’ve now tried to make it work using the ‘Robot Not Stopping’ output.
Only problem is that it does not toggle the signal when I bring it into a protective stop.
I’ve forced it into the protective stop by moving it around both by jog and using a program that moved it back and forth where I stopped it on the way.
The software versions I’ve tried with are 3.5.3 and 3.7.2.
Do you have any idea why it is not triggering?

Robot Not Stopping is not triggered by these kinds of protective stops.

Could you use an IO Action - sets an output high when the program is running, and low when it is not?

That is not possible for my application because I on the fly change program so it would give me a lot of false stops.

But I suppose it highlights the need for a Emg. Stop like feature that triggers for both protective and Emg. Stops.

Are there any plans to implement this feature?
It would be really nice to have because the robot is not really collaborative if the other stop categories such as the protective stop in cases like collision can not be propagated safely to other devices which need to act accordingly.

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@lcs You can try monitoring for protective stops through the RTDE interface, or using the modbus registers, register 261 holds the bool value if the robot is or is not in a protective stop state.

I do agree, it would be nice to select this feature as you do for an emergency stop in the safety I/O section. I can verify if this feature has been requested, it makes sense for the case of streaming programs to the UR, and not being able to use the high-low built in outputs. If the feature is not requested I can submit a request. Thank you!

Yes, I am aware of those options.
Currently I monitor the signal on the modbus server, only problem is that it is not a safe signal like the Emg. Stop signal.
And this lacking safety of the signal prevents some application of the robot to be considered safe because it also requires external units to stop in case of collisions or similar.

I would be very glad if you made sure it is submitted as a feature request!