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Concepts of installation, program node and remote server

i just started coding URCap. i am still not quite clear about some concepts. hope you guys can give me some clues.

  1. suppose i have a installation URCap where i input IP and Port of a remote server. How can i make the IP and Port available for my program node?

  2. suppose i need to call remote server via XMLRPC to get a waypoint. how can i make the returned waypoint available for the Program. where i store it?

many thanks.


I suggest to have a look into the MyDeamon example URCap, the deamon there is running on the Controller, i.e. localhost, but you can simply replace the IP and port to fit your server.
The example also shows how you can access configurations of your installation in your program node via programAPI.getInstallationNode(YourInstallationNode.class).

To use a transferred waypoint you could for example generate a waypoint with variable configuration and then store the received pose in the referenced variable during execution. Otherwise you can pass the pose directly into a Move command. The MyDeamon example shows how to set up the XMLRPC communication in the Script so it is executed when the program is running.