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XMLRPC From URCap Installation node


I’m communicating with 3rd party hardware running on an embedded controller via XMLRPC. I am able to place the XMLRPC calls in the program and everything works.

I’m now interested in developing a URCAP installation node that will be used as an HMI for the embedded controller. I added the ability to send script code via the installation node, but the robot has to be running for me to be able to run the script code on a button press of the installation node and I don’t know how to get the response back from the call (installation variable?)

I’m wondering, if I can make the XMLRPC call directly from the URCAP installation node, without communicating with the robot controller.

Please let me know if my question is clear and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


The Purpose of the urscript xml rpc calls is to use the functionality on robot program runtime. If you don‘t need it on runtime you should implement the xml rpc client on the java layer. I think this is covered in the Xml rpc math example

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