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Calling an URCap from Tree Robot Instructions (Polyscope or URsim)

Hi UR community,

I have created one URCap which creates a Routine Structure composed by some movements & some predefined positions … and another URCap capable to receive some X,Y,Z,RX,RY,RZ from an external device, and creating a Pose for the Robot.

I was wondering if it possible to call an URCap from the Tree Instructions (maybe with a Variable Assignment , or internally into the Java programming calling the second URCap by Listening the PLAY BUTTON … or another strategy).

When the user hits the PLAY BUTTON, the tree will call the URCap when the arrow arrives to the “calling URCap” instruction (in my case, I need to call the second URCap).

Somebody knows anything related to this ?

Thank you very much for your help! and have a nice day !

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You could use the XMLRPC to send the command to your secondary cap.
As long as the xmlrpc server is running you can send a command to your daemon. There is an example on how to set up the XMLRPC server in the examples.

or you could just listen using the RTDE method to see if the status of the robot changed.