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API function "isCurrent" not working properly

Software version: …

Robot generation: …
Simulator and UR10

Steps to reproduce:
Using the IO Handler and the ScriptCommander from one of the UR examples.
Snips of the code:

ScriptCommand setVoltageAndReadCurrent = new ScriptCommand("Set_Voltage24_And_Read_Current");

toolAnalogIn0	=	ioHandler.getAnalogIO("analog_in[2]");

double current = toolAnalogIn0.getValue();
System.out.println("Tool Analog Value: " + toolAnalogIn0.getValue() + ", Is Current: " + toolAnalogIn0.isCurrent());
if (toolAnalogIn0.isCurrent())
	JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Read current as." + current
		, "Reading current", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE); 
	return current;
} else
		"An error occured while reading the current of the PointZero Tool.\n"
		+ "Could not set "+toolAnalogIn0.getName()+" to \"current\"", "Error on reading current", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE); 
		return current;

Expected behavior:

On the robot with a tool connected.
It runs, changes the IO to Current and sets the voltage to 24.
I would expect the printout "Tool Analog Value: 0.0058630630...., Is Current: true
and then continue to the Information message

Actual behavior:
It runs, changes the IO to Current and sets the voltage to 24, as should.
What I get is: "Tool Analog Value: 0.0058630630...., Is Current: false and then it continues to the Error message, even though the value is correct.