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Changing analog I/Os between voltage/current from code


Is it possible to change the analog I/Os between voltage and current mode from URScript or the Java API? Or can it only be done from an installation file?

Did you check the URScript Manual?
The functions like set_standard_analog_input_domain() seems to do the job.

I did but somehow I missed those. I think the URScript manual should be more easily accessible from here though. “API Reference” up top only shows Java API and I haven’t been able to find any links from “Download Center” for the URScript manual.

I think I found the official download location here though by using Google: https://www.universal-robots.com/download/

But previously I was using this manual: http://www.sysaxes.com/manuels/scriptmanual_en_3.1.pdf because it’s the top Google hit when searching for “URScript”. For some reason that version of the manual has issues with searching (I don’t get any hits when searching for “set_” in it. While the newest version I found from your site does work perfectly to search in.

But sorry for not reading the manual properly and thanks again!

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