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Analog Output Lower End Issue

I am having an issue with the analog output current. I am in current mode, and the function checks for this as shown. I have reduced the code to just a hard set of .004 for testing. I can change the current and the slider does move and the current does change, but I can’t hit the lower end. This happens in the simulator and on a real UR3. When I set the analog IO to the lowest end of the range (.004 for .004 ma) I am not getting 4 ma, instead getting something like .006. The below image is representative of where the IO slider ends up on a real robot and in simulation when I run the code included in the same screenshot.


Starter package used to verify error:
API version: 1.2.56


Start Package: SDK 1.3.55
API version: 1.3.0

The issue occurs when you try to set an analog output to .004 mA (or anything below 7.3 mA). Shown below the polyscope screen shows that the value actually being set is slightly higher. I verified the output on a actual robot as well with a multi meter. The result was consistent with the screen. When the urcap executed the slider moved slightly above .004 mA.



The same behavior was seen on the E-Series

I have reported the bug and it is on route to be addressed. Thanks!