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Active payload / TCP problem with OnRobot RG2 URCap


in initialization window my active payload is 0.1. after I press ‘START’ the active payload shows 0.23. If I press OFF, it changes again to be 0.87 (but not 0.1). this is dtrange. what could be my problem?

Thanks in advance


does this still happen after you generated a new installation?
Who could have influence on your payload -> URCaps, external connections etc.?


thanks for prompt reply.
I have created a new installation. it looks like I have two separate problems.

  1. the new installation solves me the problem that I described. However, after I have configured the RG2 gripper URCAP the problem appeared again.
  2. with new installation file (without gripper ) I have wrote a program. If I execute robot commands by MOVE HERE and then AUTO commands the arm works fine. however, if I push the play button with the same commands the robot goes to different xyz points. with constant deviation.

Thanks a lot