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UR10+RG2 Onrobot losing grip

The robot worked well for 2 years. Then after repairing RG2 and updating software to lastest verions (as asked from technician before repairing RG2) there is a problem with grip.
The RG2 take an hard metal pices with hard metal fingers.
If the grip is not perfect vibration make piece move a little and grip is no more detect.
Also sometime during opening command to leave the piece in place, the gripers stop to move at the beging because gripping force is detected and the program continue but the pices is gripped.
I don’t understand why force is not continuosly applied, stopping to move after reaching force it’s a problem and in the past this will never happens.
Customer care dont’ know how to solve the problem, that wall all robot to test, but it’s a no sense.

The bug was created by firmware update on RG2, rolling back to URcap 1.9.1 downgrade the firmware to 1.5.2 than reinstalling URcap 1.10.1, the bug go away, only a little recalibration of somepoints was required.

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Hi @jumpingjack

This forum is designed around URCap development and the UR software platform.
Thus bugs reported here are expected to be related to eg. the URCap API itself or other UR software interfaces(i.e. RTDE).

The report you mention here sounds more related to the particular application or a specific UR+ Partner product.
This should generally be reported directly to the UR+ Partner or your distribution partner.

However - I am happy that your issue has been resolved.

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