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Robot has mysteriously lost installation

I have been running a program for a week and today after making a change to the acceleration during a place of a box.

The robot will not pull the payload from the installation file to begin the program and is not changing payloads at the “Set” commands in the program. Has this ever happened to anyone before?

The payload is set to the values set in default.installation when the robot is first turned on since at that time, the robot does not know which robot program and installation file you will be using.

If your program sets the payload with the set commands, I am guessing you have something else changing it. This could be a URCap or other script commands.

To periodically check the value of the payload setting you can assign a variable to the value of get_target_payload().

So I was observing a little more carefully and was playing around with different programs and installations to ensure it was not on just one. I found that when it is not running the program it will pull the payload from the installation file. However, as soon as the program begins to run, the payload on goes to 0. It is also ignoring the set_payload commands in the program. This happening on different programs and installation files.

I am using it for a palletizing function so I have the TCP payload set in the installation file and use set_payload when picking up and dropping off the boxes and this has worked fine on them until now. This failure just began happening yesterday.

It was giving a c155a0 code so I reset my TCP and payload in the installation file any other tips on what to do?

Do you have some URCaps installed that might be controlling the payload?