URCap Sample: XML-RPC Math URCap


Description of functionality:
An example of a URCap that only includes an Installation Node and a small Python Daemon.
The URCap implements an XML-RPC call to a Python server to extend the math functionality of the URScript language.
The included math functionality is: string concentration, string indexation, addition and subtraction of numbers.

What topics are covered:
XML-RPC, strings, concentration, InstallationNode, DaemonService, Python, Daemon

URCaps SDK 1.0+

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@jbm I think the download link is broken or corrupted. Inside the 7kb archive is one file called “1734a11911da18360a5f0a52b27a562fe62792d4” with no extension.

@jbm , it seams downloaded file is not a valid file can you please check the link and update.

The download have now been corrected.

Happy development!

It´s not run… you can help me ?


Is there any way to enable the XMLRPC in the installation tab automatically every time I change program/installation?

The download link seems to be broken again. Please fix. Thx


Hi @jbm, the link is unfortunately not working. Could you look into that?

Sample is updated into GitHub, see link in initial posting.

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