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Where to find the SW version on the SD Card


I’m generally new to UR products. The teaching pendant of our UR5e is not working so I cannot access the version number of the current installed SW. What’s been possible to do has been to take the SD card out of the control box, connect it to the laptop and open it using a 3d party SW called DiskInternals. So, I can open the folders and see their contents but the question is where I should look for the software version.

I would really appreciate a quick response, as the whole project is standing still because of this crash.

All the best

If you can see your programs you can get it from there.

The URP files are really just .XML files compressed. Open a URP file with 7zip and extract the file then open it in a text editor. The first line should tell you what version it was created in, and what version it was last saved in as well as the robot serial number.

Thank you for your contribution. I just solved it by looking inside datafs → root → loghistory.txt
On the first five rows, both the version of the robot and the SW are given away.