Access UR5e SD Card

Our UR will be deployed for operations and we assume that the operators has no background of using FTP and virtual machines. The only easiest and most common way for operations is to download the URP file and just drag it to the folder of robot.
Is there a way to access the SD Card without removing it from the control box? We already tried accessing the SD Card using Paragon Software, it works but it requires the SD Card being removed from control box. Hoping for any suggestions from anyone here, thank you.

Still a little confused on the experience you’re trying to create for the operator, but any of the following could be used to get a URP file on the robot. Keep in mind when you remove the SD card you’re removing the drive that holds everything including the operating system that polyscope runs on. I would highly recommend avoiding removal of the SD card.

  1. SFTP - obviously involves setting an ethernet adapter to a static ip and entering the default UR user name and password. Sounds like this is difficult for your operators?

  2. Have the operator put the .urp file on a usb drive, plug it in and go to Open. select usbdisk, find the .urp file and long hold on the icon and select copy. Go back to programs and paste.

  3. You can download the UR magic file script and use some Linux knowledge to modify it so that when the user plugs in a USB with your modified magic file and it automatically copies any .urp files into the /programs/ directory?