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Cannot find the Polyscope to download for UR5e


Could not find the proper place to pose my questions. I’m new to (re)installing URs in general and the UR5e I’ve got to reinstall in particular. The teaching pendant showed nothing when we tried to start the robot.

A technician said that there might be a problem with the polyscope so I need to download Rufus and the relevant Polyscope image to reinstall those parts that are damaged. Received a pdf file with the instructions where it says the image can be downloaded from universal-robots/support/ but in there, I don’t know where to find the image. The only links I find under Download → Polyscope SW e-series → SW 5.1 are OFFLINE SIMULATORS and manuals and nothing else. What to do?

I chose SW 5.1 since I do not know what version was installed on it before it all crashed.

Any suggestions please?

Best regards