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Latest Robot Software SW 5.9.1

The software downloads section allows to download only 5.9.1 SW version, while
mentions the latest is 5.9.4.

Why I cannot download the latest software?

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There was an issue with it so they pulled it off the website. I only know this because we asked NA support about the issue.

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What was the issue? We’ve pulled 5.9.4 some time ago and have it installed on few robots already. Should we rollback to 5.9.1?

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The issue is that if you were incrementally upgrading from (example) 5.6 to 5.7… to 5.9.4 and you did not initialize the arm and therefore update the joint firmware at each successive stage that you might inadvertently corrupt joint firmware. If this happened the only way to recover would be to send the entire arm into service for a reflash of all joint firmware. This is why we removed all versions after 5.9.1. IF you are already running 5.9.3/5.9.4 you are fine. We will be coming out with a 5.10 that will prevent this from ever happening.


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