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Running URscript in terminale without Polyscope

Hello guys,

I’m new in URscripting and I was wonderring if there is a way to run an URscript via terminale without loading the programm into polyscope.
any Tips? …

thanks in advance

For your specific use case, you could have a text file containing URScript and a bash/python script to read and send the file contents to the robot primary interface. After setting this up, you can easily invoke the bash script through the command line.

Have a look at this page for more info about the clients interfaces.

To execute URScript code you will need some form of interaction with the controller whether it be real or virtual. If you don’t have a physical robot or want to test your code without loading it onto one, I would recommend downloading URSim:


From here you can select which software version you’d like to use and select a Linux or non-Linux version (for non-Linux you will first need to install a Virtual Machine software like VMWare or VirtualBox).

If you are using an IDE such as VSCode to generate the script we have open-sourced the tooling that we use for both performing unit tests on script functions as well as running script code without the need to open a simulator session. We are using Docker daemon and running the simulator automatically against a headless version that you specify in the configuration files. Check out GitHub - Hirebotics/urscript-tools for more information on the tools. There is also an example repo that you can clone and run that has different example set-ups.

Assuming you are logged in the robot through ssh and the program is located in the program.script file, type the following:

cat program.script | nc localhost 30003 &>/dev/null