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What can a URCap Python demon do?

I would like to use a URCap (with Python demon) to read (and write) filees over the network from within UR Script (with xmlrpc).
At the moment I am playing around with the simulator in a virtual machine (URSim_VIRTUAL_5.3.1.64192)

My questions:

  1. In which environment/machine will the demon run? Is it the same as the virtual machine or does it run on another machine?
  2. Will I have all the commands available, that I also would have available in the virtual machines (using Python 2)?
  3. I would prefer Python 3. Will this be possible? When?
  4. In order to read a file from a file server I would use the command “smbclient” (to copy the file to a local directory). Would it also be possible to change the smb.conf file to access the file server directly?


regarding your questions:

  1. The Daemon process will run on the same virtual machine.
  2. The packages/libraries you have available on your VM are not necessarily also available on the real Robot.
  3. Currently only Python 2 is used.
  4. Samba is not installed on the robot. I would direct you to using FTP instead.

Thanks for your answers. My remarks:

  1. OK
  2. OK. This means, I have to wait for the real machine to see, which packages/libs I can use.
  3. OK. Not nice, but OK. Are there plans to migrate? When will this happen?
  4. I want to develop a drop-in replacement into an existing system. So: ftp is not an option for me. If I cannot use smb, then I will use a listening socket in the python daemon to read the data directly