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Hy guys,

I’m stucked a little with developing URCap. I want to develop an URCap, that can run parallell to the robot program. So when i start the Daemon server, i need to manipulate the physical outputs of the robot. When i start both the Daemon and the Robot Program, i can manipulate the outputs correctly as i wanted. But is it possible to manipulate them, when i haven’t started the program, in the installations view?! Without running the program? Can i use the “generateScript” command and the “ScriptWriter” for this reason, or am i need to check something other way?

An other question occoured during the programming. Is a physical UR Robot able to run RTDE on itself with ‘localhost’ assignment, or i MUST need an other device to establish the connection? Can i run an workable RTDE server on itself? Or is it something IP Config for this reason? I already tryed it with the ‘localhost’ hostname, and the robot dropped me out with an error, but in the robot of the Virtual Machine (VMware) it worked correctly.

I am kinda new to this kind of developing, so sorry if i asked something wrong.
Thanks for your help!

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