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My daemon is not constant

I write a daemon,but I found it’s status will change to ‘error’ and then continue ‘start’,.but my script .py
file is right.can someone tell me some reasons may lead to this phenomenon??

Were you able to fix this? I get the same error


Could you please refer to here?

Hello. thank you for your response. Sorry I was not clear. actually the daemon works good in the ursim. but when i install it in the robot using the usb. the daemon fluctuates between running and failed and stops at failed after a few seconds. the daemon is actually a python file that connects to an external device. now since there is no terminal in the pendant I am not sure where to check where it is failing…do you have any suggestions on how to fix it

Which version of SW do you use?

Is version of python 2.7?

Yes I used python 2.7.16

Also the polyscope version 5.6

Check the log on the file.

go to gui->felix-cache->bundleXXXX ( that would be the largest number) -> go down the path all the way to the log file. ( On the real machine)

On the real machine you have to wait until the UR is initialized before launching some operations like RTDE.