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Third party libraries for Python Daemon


I was wondering if it possible to use third party libraries (e.g. numpy) with a python deamon.
Can the libraries be provided by the URCap somehow?


i’ve tested using pip install which worked fine on the real robot using python 2.7. Providing these plugins with a urcap (and get them installed automatically) could be tricky as you will need to assure that the robot always have a internet connection and you will need to execute a shell script that will perform your plugin installation with root permissions.

So, best way is to just copy the needed plugins to the daemon resources

Yes It is possible. I have copied the supporting libraries in the daemon folder and it worked for me

Check out how “serial” is imported into this sample;

It’s under here;

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Another solution I have been using that allows me to write my daemon using python 3 and all the libraries I need is to compile my python code on a 32bit machine using the tool pyinstaller and then link the obtained resources in my daemon folder.

Hi @pica,

I want to give the pyinstaller approach a go, do I have to consider anything specific?
Are you using an Ubuntu 16.04 32 Bit VM or something different?
Also, are you using the pyinstaller --onefile option to obtain a single executable?

I am using an Ubuntu 16 32 bit VM and Python 3.7(additional libraries numpy, scipy etc.), when compiling with pyinstaller I do not use any option, such as --onefile.
The procedure is pretty straight forward and does not requires any particular specifications but the use of a 32bit system.
Best Regards
Castelli Pietro