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Replace MyDaemon demo server with python socket

I’d like to replace the XML-RPC server in the MyDaemon demo with a simple python server socket (this echo server example: https://docs.python.org/2/library/socket.html#example ). I removed all the XML Client references in the demo and changed the executable URL to point to a new python script. It builds but I can’t get it to run, either in the ursim or on the real robot. It says “Daemon Failed” and I can’t open a client socket to connect to the server.
I’m looking for advice to launch a simple server like this and/or debug pointers to see what is actually going wrong. thanks!

Hi @SoftRobotics,

Are you sure your python script runs without errors? Does it work if instead of starting it through Polyscope, you just run it from the command line?

yes, it runs on its own

Make sure you run Polyscope with admin right on the ursim to be able to run the Daemon. On the actual robot the Daemon should run if it has no errors. If you run the Polyscope from the terminal on the ursim you can see if there any errors in the urcap.

Did it run ok before you made any changes? Are you using the latest starter package virtual machine? I’ve just tried to compile and run it on my starter package vm and the daemon doesn’t seem to run even with superuser permissions, so perhaps the issue is not related to the changes you’ve made.

Might be a bit late reaction, but i’m trying to bypass the deamon part too and just start a .py server socket so i can control a festo motor. Is there a way to execute a python file form an URCap? My product owner wants everything in one URCap instead of have a seperate python file on the linux system…