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Virtual Machine does no longer run

We are using the URCaps Starter Package (1.11.0). Currently we are 3 persons that use it. We run it on our Windows 10 Notebooks with VirtualBox to run the provided VM.

All of us have from time to time an issue that the VM suddenly no longer start up. It gets an error message “fatal error…”. The only solution is to delete the VM and import the provided starter package again. Are there other people, who has the same issues? This is really annoying and costs a lot of time, but so far we always get it running again.

But now I get not rid of the problem. Even reinstalling of VirtualBox did not solve the problem. Unfortunately I have to recovery my windows and hope it will work again. I am currently the only one in the company who has that problem, but I am concerned that this will happen again.
Are there any recommendations of a VM player that is maybe more stable. Or other tips?