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I am looking for the pixels dimensions of the view available for change in a program node and installation node.
also the difference between CB and e series.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @silar17

You will see that in the “View” class for both the Program Node and the Installation Node, you have the following method:

buildUI(JPanel panel, InstallationNodeContribution contribution)
    ... methodBody ...

The JPanel passed to this method by polyscope is the display area that you have to work with, so if you save that JPanel to a field, once polyscope has been initialised, you will be able to find the size of the JPanel and thus the viewing area by using System.out.println(panel.getSize()); (line will be printed to the terminal that is running polyscope)

I suspect if you call panel.getSize() during buildUI() then it will return [0, 0] since the panel is not yet visible (since buildUI() is called during the initialisation of polyscope.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @sam.hilton
I will try this solution and return with the results

it worked
Installation node width = 615, height = 435
Program node width = 606, height = 407
Installation node width = 1078, height = 626
Program node width = 705, height = 540

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