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Closing program node view (closeView) REALLY slow when there are many elements in the view

Software version: 3.8.061336
Robot generation: CB31UR5

Steps to reproduce:

test_view_elements-0.1-SNAPSHOT.urcap.zip (541.5 KB)

Attached is a stripped down URCap with a program node that only puts 100 labels on the view.

  1. Install the attached URCap
  2. Create a new Program
  3. Insert “Test Node” from URCap

Expected behavior:

Closing down the node should be at least as fast as opening the node.

Actual behavior:

Opening the view is fast, but when moving away from the node view, the interface hangs for a approximately 38 seconds. There are no problems when using URSim, only on the real controller.

Can you please tell us what contribution or view is doing when closing view?

I am not sure I understand your question fully, but the closeView function which is called by the API does not do anything in the minimal example I attached.

I see.
I thought that the reason exists in close view.

Which GUI do you use HTML or swing?
If you use swing, can you verify whether the same phenomenon occurs or not by HTML?

I am using Swing, I don’t know if the issue is the same for HTML.