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UI Polyscope 5.4

I have created a URCap with few buttons in the installation node. The UI is created in HTML. The UI of the URCap looks accurate in Polyscope 3.7 (CB Series) but the in Polyscope 5.4(e-series) buttons are missing in the marked places in the attached image. I am using the same URCap without any changes in both the polyscope.

Do i need to make any changes in programming of the Cap before installing it in 5.4 or is it some bug?

It’s not a bug the problem is the screen resolution. On the e-series the resolution is higher so you need to have two layout, one for type of robot. You can also make your UI with swing and use the Style class to define the distances between all components.


How can i define screen resolution in the HTML file to differentiate between the two Polyscope versions or is there any other method to make HTML file compatible to Polyscope 5.4 ?

you can use the Interface SoftwareVersion.getMajorVersion() and call a different html file in your programnodeservice for CB(3) or e(5) Series.

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I understood the calling part, i need to clarify about the changes i need to make in the two HTML file to make it compatible for either robot. Do i just need to change the value of style=“width; height” in each <label to make it compatible to the respective Polyscope ?

yes, all you need is to resize all containers, labels, buttons, etc. declared in your css definition :wink:

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