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Using USB Stick in URSim


I’m using the URSim(URSim UR5) using the Oracle Virtual Box. On linking my USB to the URSim, the Virtual URSim detects the USB whereas the Teach Pendant doesn’t not, due to which I’m not able to import the license file specific to a URCap that I’m currently testing.
Also, as an alternative, I’ve been actually pasting all my URCap related file onto the Program UR5 folder available and then going into the teach pendant to open that file, which seems to work(in case of .urcap or urp file) but does not work for copying the license. (which specifically says " copy license from USB)
Image 1: displays how the license is not getting detected after clicking on copy license to USB
Image 2: displays the folder that has a license and I’m trying to see if there is any other alternative to load the license file.


Hello @nkamath ,

Not sure how Pally is referencing the license/ where they are searching for that license file. They may be able to modify their program to read in the sim program folder, or they may have a different method for running on the sim vs real robot. I would contect them directly and ask for assitance: support.pally@rocketfarm.no .