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URSim robot USB ports

Hello fellow Developers,

Does anyone know of a way to simulate plugging a USB stick into either the teach pendant or cabinet USB port? We are investigating using an external USB as part of some URCaps and being able to test fucntionality from URSim would be really helpful, though this obviously requires a vitual robot to have access to a USB port.

I can give the virtual machine access to my computers USB ports, it is giving the robot access to them that I am struggling with.

If it is not possible to give URSim access to a physical USB stick, is there a folder located somewhere within the URSim directory which can mimic this

All suggestions welcome, thanks.


Hi Sam,

Is it a mass storage device?

In that case, is it the mount location you are asking for or is it how you make that available when browsing for a program/installation file?


Hi Ebbe and Sam,
I am trying something very similar and have following specification:

  • G code is generated externally and saved on mass storage device (usb flash drive)
  • loading and executing on robot works fine

So far so good, but:
Testing the G code in UR Sim fails, because flash drive is not found by PolyScope on virtual Linux environment

  • flash drive is found and can be opened in virtual Linux environment
  • PolyScope does not recognize that flash drive is available

Any suggestions or workarounds are very appreciated!

P.S. this is my first post in the forum, so I did an intensive search before, but was not able to find a solution in the guidelines or forum

Hi Daniel,
At this link ( https://www.universal-robots.com/articles/ur-articles/remote-tcp-toolpath-urcap-faq/ ), second-last FAQ, you will find how to use gcode in URSIM.
I suggest you to look always for solutions also in the UR articles pages on universal-robots.com since they are very well made and cover a lot of different topics.
Best regards,
Pietro C.


Hi Pietro,
thank you so much for the fast reply!
I am sorry, that I was not able to find this article earlier.
Best regards

I recently revisited this functionality when developping another URCap, and found that the easiest way to mimic the USB ort of the robot, is to simply recreate the folder structure of a real UR in the file system of URSim, which is to go to wherever URSim is installed (for me this is just home/ursim and to add alongside the versions of pokyscipe stored there, the following structure programs/usbdisk, so the full route to the “usbdisk” is home/ursim/programs/usbdisk.