URSim transfering program to real robot

How can we transfer a program built in UR simulation to the real universal robot?
I am using VirtualBox and it does not allow me to copy the .urp program to my host machine which is Windows 11 Home. I looked for some options on the internet, however, those solutions (instead of setting shared clipboard or drag and drop to bidirectional option) are not suitable for the downloaded URSim virtual machine.
Is there any other way to do it?

Can’t you just plug in a flashdrive and connect it to your VM? I do this multiple times every day to transfer my CAP updates.

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Haven’t tried it before. Many thanks!

We always just had shared folders between the virtual machine and the host machine, that way I could add files from either machine and see them in the other. Oftentimes we would need to take a program off the robot and edit it in the simulator and then reload it onto the robot so this made it the fastest.

Thanks for your email. I believe we need only .urp file to load a program to the robot. However, it did not work. Is there anything else I should do to load a program to the universal robot?

You would probably need the installation file as well depending on if you make any changes to the file to support your program.