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URSim, Transfer / copy file from Windows to VM


How can load the progam from windows into simulation software. i am not able to locate the folder when i select load Program.

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Once you started URSim it creates a folder named programs in the ursim home directory where you can drop your .urp file and load it in the simulation

thanks for your reply. But i am not able to drop the .urp file in that Program’ folder. Is there any other way?

Which virtualization program are you running the simulator in? Ex. VMplayer in Windows?

Its Oracle VM Virtualbox.

I’m not familiar with Virtualbox but it sounds like you may need to enable file transfers between your host operating system (Windows) and the virtual machine (URSim). This can often be done with drag-and-drop or shared folders.
I found these articles which may or may not help you:

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