Is it possible to load a excisting program in the simulator?

Is it possible to load a excisting program in the VM simulator ? I have an excisting program on a flash drive. How do i load it in the VM simulator ?


It is possible to copy the urp files from windows to linux.
Is the vmtools installed?

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A UR program usually has 3 files: with the .urp, .txt and .script extensions. You can copy-paste those files in the VM through different methods:

  1. Upload the program files into some cloud folder and download them inside the VM (as if it was a remote computer). This is the easiest option.
  2. Plug the USB directly to the virtual machine. Look under Settings/Devices/USB. Be aware that if you are using a USB 3.0, you might need to install USB3.0 drivers and additional tool before starting the virtual machine.
  3. Copy-paste the program files into the host OS and then into the VM. Look in VMWare or Virtualbox under Settings/Shared Clipboard. That way you can drag-and-drop the files from the host OS into the vm. Be aware that some versions of Ubuntu does not allow to drag-and-drop on the Desktop, so you might have to put them in a folder.
  4. Copy-paste the program files into the host OS and then share them with the VM. in VMWare or Virtualbox under Settings/Shared folder. This allows you to share an existing folder from the host OS that can be mounted and accesible from the VM. This usually requires installing additional vmtools and re-starting the vm.

Thank you. I am a step further.

I have a pallet stacking application. I have managed to run the program in the simulator.

get the error can not resolve this.

Robot is a UR3 latest firmware. The program does work in the robot but not in the sim.
any idea’s ?

could it be that you have different default or active TCPs on the URsim and the real robot? Have you transferred and loaded the installation files too? You can do it the same way as with the program files.

Yes i have loaded the installation file as well.

I get the error in both ur3 sim and ur5 sim

Found the issue. I have to choose UR10 because of its size in sim ur3.

In the program the robot waits for a digital input to become true. How do i manipulate an input ?

I don’t think you can edit a digital input, but you can assign it to a variable and manipulate the variable. For example:

# classic approach
while (not get_standard_digital(0)):

# alternative approach
global simulation_active = True
global sensor1 = False
global sensor2 = False

def update_inputs():
     if not simulation active:
           sensor1 = get_standard_digital(0)
           sensor2 = get_standard_digital(1)
           sensor1 = True
           sensor2 = Flase

while not sensor1:

You can run the URsim polyscope in ‘simulation’ mode and then you can switch to the IO tab in polyscope and toggle an input on/off.

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