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Safeguard not resuming program


I have a similar problem described in this thread: Safeguard Stop and RT Interface Programs

What I want is that the UR-program should resume program execution after the safeguard stop is deactivated.

Currently the problem is the following.
When I do the following the safeguard will NOT auto-play the UR-program:

  1. Emergency stop the system
  2. Reset the robot and play it’s program via the dashboard server
  3. Put the robot into safeguard.
  4. Turn the safeguard off. (The robot should play the program now but it dosen’t)

However If I do steps 1-4 and:
5. Play the program via the dashboard server
6. Put the robot into safeguard.
7. Turn the safeguard off.

Then the robot will have the ability to auto-play the program when I put the robot into safeguard. I assume this is a bug or am I missing something?

So the UR-program will only auto-play after safeguard reset if the program has been started twice via the dashboard server.

Do you have the configurable inputs in the Installation -> Safety -> Safety IO set for ‘safeguard reset’ ? if you do, then by default, it will require a signal transition on these inputs to restart after a safeguard stop. If they are NOT configured then it should resume automatically.

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I have a similar problem.
We remotly control/manage a UR10 robot using the Dashboard communication.
Using the dashboard, we start a URscript programm running and looping on the robot controller.

When a safeguard stop appends (through the dedicated safety inputs), the program pauses (which is the expected behaviour since we wired a « Safeguard stop with automatic resume ») and then the programs re-run as soon as the safeguard stop disappears (which is also the expected behaviour).

The problem is that in some cases (see bellow) the above mentionned program does not re-run (it stays paused) when the safegaurd stop disappears. We have to manually press the « play » button (the one with the triangle) to make the program continue its execution. We have to do it once, and then the expected behaviour comes back. Until we experience the problem again.
We think that this misbahaviour is linked to previous phenomenon, such as multiple safeguard stop or more clearly after an emergency stop, a collision or a violation.

Have you ever experienced this trouble ? Do you have some andwers to fix this ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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Dear you all, Dear UR team,
let me send a reminder on this topic : I am interested in the answer. Currently, a robot is running on the customer factory and the customer get bored because he has to press play manually after the safeguard stop in the situations mentionned by o.paris and erik fransson.
Thanks in advance.

This has been identified as a bug, and will be fixed in the next release PolyScope 3.9.

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Damn! Thanks for the answer btw. Do you know / can you estimate when PolyScope 3.9 will be release ? Can you also link some relevant information about how to upgrade its controler?
Thanks in advance.


How to update the robot is covered in the User Manual.