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Start a URscript from remote PC via Ethernet


It’s probably a bit of a newbie question, but I couldn’t find a quick solution. I need to start / stop an URScript remotely from another PC. This PC will then communicate trough sockets once the script has been started.

I know I can load a script at robot boot-up and use external switches to start / stop, but I don’t want to fitt any relais, I just want to use the existing TCP/IP possibilities.

Note: the script is already on the robot, I don’t need to download it first…

Any pointers / suggestions welcomed.


i did not try this yet but i think you can do sth like

  1. ssh to the robot
  2. try to Execute the script with sending it to the local realtime interface:
    cat yourProgram.script | nc localhost 30003

Maybe this breaks the single point of control rule but i would give it a try…

If you though have a .urp of your script available, you can simply use the dashboard server
…or you can load your script file into a script program node and save it as a urp program.


Thanks for your answer, but I’m looking for something more in the line of connecting to port 30003 and then send “Start” or “Stop” analogous to the start button / external input.

Ideally, I’d like something like: run_script(“name_of_script”,“ur_robot_access_password”)

Is such a thing possible?

you can use the dashboard server, port 29999. I have been successful in starting,stopping, loading, playing programs using this interface. Here is a link to documentation:

in the link I gave, I got an error downloading the pdf with the list of commands. This one works.


Thank you, this works fine. I also managed to implement the protocol into my application, so I don’t need SocketTest or similar anymore.