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URCaps installed on simulator but not on robot

Hello everyone,

I’ve got an issue with a urcap i’m developing.
I can install it on ursim on my virtual machine but when I try to install it on the real robot, i got a warning sign in the urcap window.

I’m on the same version of polyscope and API, I’ve run the install.sh on the VM in case it solve something and I try to use the java SDK 1.8 and 1.6 but there’s no change between the two version.

What can cause an URCap to work on the vm but not on the robot ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @gde,

One reason can be dependencies you have installed on the virtual machine, but not on the robot. If that is the case you can gain assistance here:

Best Regards

hello @Ebbe,

Thank you for your answer.

I tried to create the tag and to add the dependencies to it but it doesn’t work,

The only two dependencies I use on this project are :

but even if I add those dependency in tag in the pom.xml,

The same warning appear on the URCaps window on the robot and I’m still unable to use the URCap

if needed, here’s the archive with my pom.xml filepom.zip (2.0 KB)