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URCap shown in Robot Installation but not in Program Structure

I have encountered a very strange issue and I am hoping that someone might have a bit of insight and potentially direction.

I am installing my nearly complete URCap on a UR5. I have an RG2 installed also. The issue is this, I installed the URCap once on the robot and recognized that I needed to make changes to the html files. So I removed my new URCap, made the changes- compiled and reloaded my URCap.

Both URCap’s show as installed URCap’s but the URCap Tab in the Structure Editor is now missing,
Screen Shots Below;

I have rebooted the robot with no change.
I would appreciate any help.
Jerry Stokely

Sorry, I posted the wrong screen shot. The bottom screen shot was the “before” picutre
here is the "after Picture.

Sorry for the confusion

Hi Jerry,

Did you check that the URCap installed properly in the “Setup Robot > URCaps” view?
If the URCap is listed with a yellow exclamation mark instead of the green checkbox, then the URCap has an issue restricting it from loading.

Also check that the Activator file properly registers the ProgramNodeService for your node.

I appreciate your suggestions. I saved both versions in separate folders - Version 1 and Version 2. The difference between the two is a couple of edits to the html files.

Version 1 snapshot loads fine, (screen shot 1 and 2), Shows in the installation tab and also in the strucure tab just like the installed RG-2 “normal operation”.

Version 2 snapshot loads and is visable in the installation tab - but when switching to the structure tab, the URCaps tab disapears.

Uninstalling my version 2 URCap returns the system to “normal” and the URCap tab is once again visable in the structure tab.

I am unsure where to check in the robot to find the error - no errors appear in the log.

My URCap handles input from the user and directs input via xmlrpc to a machine embeded pc (blocking wait ) that controlls other outside devices. If it would be helpful, I would have no problem sharing either the snapshots or the full URCap code as my URCap is essentially a GUI for the robot and the downstream systems.

Thanks again for the help,

If I understand correctly, I ran into this same issue a while back and it was actually due to an error in my program node html, which is why you may have experienced it after you made the changes. I would suggest going through the supported html/css in the URCaps Tutorial document, and making sure that you are properly following the allowed subset of html. I am not 100% positive that this is your issue, but I have a feeling that it is. I hope this helps, and if not I’m sure that the professional support personnel will help you out.

Ksladky, Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for the input. We did find the error and it was indeed Html related. I think the lesson here is basic html only… no java script… no additional style parameters… Keep it very-very basic.