Installed URCap not shown

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to create new URCaps by my own, and I’ve been working on the class JTabbedPane to create different views. My problem is that once the URCap is installed on URSim, it doesn’t appear on the program node list. I’ve been reading that the problem should be on the file, but I’ve checked it and it seems correct. I’ve created other URCaps but didn’t get this problem before.

I attach some captures to clarify the problem.

We can see here that the URCap is correctly installed.

As this URCap is the only one installed, the URCap Tab doesn’t appear. If I install another one, the tab will appear, but won’t show the pestanyas URCap.

The activator file for teh pestanyas URCap, where the regiterService (…) function appears.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve solved my problem by my own. In the ProgramNodeService, in the configureConfiguration I wrote the line:


This doesn’t allow the URSim user to insert the node to the Program tree, and so It doesn’t appear on the Programs Nodes Tab despite it’s installed and ready to use. It can only be inserted programmatically using the com.ur.urcap.api.domain.program.nodes.ProgramNodeFactory. This also means, it can not be inserted using copy/paste of that node directly. It can however be inserted by copy/paste of an ancestor of such a node.