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URCaps Event Parameter

I would like to allow the user to add a function to be executed by the urcaps.

We are developing integration with an external vision system (which includes our laser line profiler) mounted to the ceiling above the robot’s work area.
The program node’s goal is to trigger the sensor and wait for an image to be generated. That requires triggering the system in a way that cannot be generalized (The user is expected to know how to program this trigger) e.g. send a command to a plc to move a linear slider holding the sensor.

My first thought was to allow child nodes to my program node, and have the user create the trigger there. But if the user wants to scan multiple times in their program, they would need to copy paste it multiple times.
A more elegant solution would be to allow the user to choose a sub-program (or maybe an Event?) from a dropdown list.
Is there a way to add a parameter to my program node which is populated with the available sub-programs (or events)?