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Add Child Node with button

Hey everyone,

I need your help for creating children node when I push a button.

I want a structure like that:

Inside of the program node I want to have a button for creating a child node (this child will be used for select differents parameters and sending the parameters to a machine).

Inside of this child I want another child called with another button ( this child is a moveL but I wont add a normal moveL because I will change the speed with the parameters by example).

–Child (1)
–Child (2)

Hi Anrnaud,
you could take a look at the pickorplace-sample URCap.
There it is shown how you can add your own custom nodes via the pressing of a button.
For the configuration and insertion of usual programnodes like movel the ellipse-sample serves as a good template.

ok thank you for your reply it was really helpful :slight_smile:

And is it possible to hide the move P inside of my childNode I mean than I’ve add my child node and after that I will just need to add the waypoints or the circle move.

If you want to use the waypoints provided in Polyscope, I see no way around it.

But you can create your own custom waypoints in the URCap as programnodes and add the functionality you need. Add a button and read out the current pose for example. Then you can store it a movep-command in the Script-Writer.