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Disable URCap or program node in a Polyscope program

It is disabled in yellow when I add the urcap I created in the robot program. I want to know how to activate urcap to start the robot program.

If a program node is not defined (isDefined() --> false), it is yellow.
Hence is not able to execute.

If the node returns true to isDefined, the node turns defined, and the program is able to execute.

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Where do I define what part of my URCap program will work when I start the robot program?

what’s your task and your urcap structure?
you can use child nodes to dynamically add and remove other custom urcaps or built-in functions like wait nodes etc.
Another option is to use the suppress function if you wish to temporary skip a program node.
If you want your urcap to generate Urscript depending on a input variable u can do so by implementing it in the generateScript Function of your ProgramNodeContribution

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